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  1. “A Talent to Amaze : Bernardo Buontalenti’s Costume Designs for the Intermedi of 1589.” paper for Costume Colloquium, Florence, November 2010

  1. O che Nuovo Miracolo! :
    Buontalenti’s designs for Ferdinando de’ Medici

    guest speaker
    AILO Florence
    British Institute of Florence
    8th Nov 2011

  1. A Talent to Amaze: Bernardo Buontalenti’s designs for the Intermedi of 1589“
    guest lecturer
    A Festival of Music in Florence
    Martin Randall Travel
    23-29 Oct 2011

  1. Making a Spectacle :  Bernardo Buontalenti and the Medici Wedding of 1589“
    guest lecturer
    Italian Culture through Music
    LdM International Institute
    September 2011

    Lorenzo de Medici Institute

  1. Bernardo Buontalenti and the Medici Wedding of 1589“
    guest lecturer
    MA in History and Business of Art and Collecting , IESA
    Institut d'Études Supérieures des Arts
    , Paris & London
    November 2011

  1. Ballo del Granduca : dance, music and spectacle for the Intermedi of 1589.

    International Symposium:
    Patronage and New Models for the Performing Arts in the Third Millennium

    International Studies Institute
    Palazzo Ruccellai, Firenze

    May 2013 - Festival d’Europa

Presentations by chronological order of topic:  renaissance, mannerist, baroque and modernist music-theatre, design and patronage.

All lectures are continually updated with ongoing research and are lavishly illustrated with exclusive images and music extracts - recorded or performed live.

Armonia delle Sfere (Harmony of the Spheres)
orbiting Florentine music theatre and opera from the 
Intermedi of 1589 to Francesca Caccini in 1625

illustrated lecture by John Hoenig
with original images and arias of key Florentine works
from 1589 to 1625 performed by
Laura Andreini, soprano
Andrea Benucci, tiorba

Sala delle Muse, Palazzo Tornabuoni 
17th October 2016 (private members’ premiere)
8th June 2017 (Festa Cultura patrons’ preview)
  1. Leonardo, Zeffirelli and the Corsi family:
    new light on early opera in Florence

    illustrated lecture with music

    members’ event
    Palazzo Tornabuoni
    May 2016

  1. "Writing history, creating a dynasty:
    the sacred work of Lucrezia Tornabuoni."

  1. "La Liberazione della Donna:
    music, theatre and wedding festivities in early Seicento Florence”

    guest lecturer
    2nd Festival of Music in Florence
    Martin Randall Travel
    17th March 2017

“Ritorno a casa”
la storia della Camera Borgherini

illustrated lecture with live music 
by Elisa Malatesti, harp & voice
and new designs by Alessandro Vannini

Palazzo Rosselli del Turco 
June 2017

Mostra e Convegno 
Festa della Cultura San Giovanni Battista
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